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The PurposeGirl Podcast: Empowering women to live their purpose with courage, joy, and fierce self-love.

Dec 27, 2018

According to research from 2017, 90% of New Years resolutions fail. There are many reasons why they tend to fail, and I address a few of these, but a big reason is that they aren’t grounded in things that are truly meaningful for us. In this episode I teach you a New Years ritual that I’ve been doing for years that can help you pause and get deeper and really explore what’s important to you.

This ritual has 4 parts. The first one is a reflection on the year that just passed, the second is an exploration of what we learned from the past year, the third is about the wisdom that we want to take into the coming year, and the fourth is about our desires for the coming year.

I also talk about what it means to be an empowered woman, and how we as women often give away our own power. When we’re empowered we have a greater ability to resist the influence of others and to control our own outcomes, and every woman should be so empowered.

I’ve designed a 5-step plan for a woman to become truly empowered, and I’ll be holding a free, live, group coaching call all about this on January 2, 2019. To register for this call, click here []. In addition, in January 2019, I’ll be offering a free 30-minute call for a few women who have been considering coaching with me and are ready to take the plunge and make 2019 the year in which they’re going to be their most empowered selves! If this sounds like you, please go to and let me know you’re thinking about coaching with me, tell me what you’re hoping for in 2019, and my team can schedule a call. But I can only offer a few calls, so please reach out as soon as you can.

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May you live purposefully, may you love yourself, and may you love life.

Bye for now!