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The PurposeGirl Podcast: Empowering women to live their purpose with courage, joy, and fierce self-love.

Jun 28, 2018

The primary definition of “goddess” is typically given as a “female deity.” But the term is also defined as being a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm, or a greatly admired or adored woman. With that meaning in mind, shouldn’t we see ourselves and other women as goddesses?

To say that we are divine, sacred, holy, does not have to mean that we are better than other women; we could and should see all women as sacred. And we can look to some of the great goddesses of antiquity to see the facets of the divine in ourselves. From Aphrodite to Artemis to Kali and Lakshmi and more, I discuss some of the characteristics of a number of goddesses, their particular talents and gifts that they offered the world as a part of their own purpose, and how we as women have a sacred purpose of our own. By learning to value our own talents and strengths, we can start to see the divine in ourselves and treat ourselves like the goddesses we truly are.

Everyone, regardless of gender, has traits that are considered masculine and traits that are considered feminine, and both kinds are important. However, we live in a male-dominated society that undervalues the feminine traits and overvalues the masculine traits. Plus, women are bombarded with images and messages in the media that hold up a certain idea of beauty that is unattainable for just about every woman, which only serves to demoralize women and make us feel even less attractive, less worthy. But we get to flip that. We get to decide that we are goddesses worthy of adoration and admiration. We have a choice. We can choose what messages to internalize.

And as I often do, I end this episode with Purpose Power Tips.

During this episode I referred to an upcoming retreat in Greece, which you can learn about here.

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